My name is Lucy Bizarre. If you visit me you’ll find yourself with a kind and friendly companion, with whom you can share, your deepest darkest fantasies. Don’t be shy to tell me about all of them. An open mind will find an open heart.
Allow me to lead you on a way which will lead straight to the depths of your inner self, where we can discover together all the hidden wishes of your mind and all your limits of your body, which are just waiting and carving for me to explore them, for the sake of pure pleasure.
One of my biggest passion is to use and control your body and mind as it pleases me in any way I know you enjoy. I also love roleplaying games and I enjoy being creative with all of the clothes, accessories my big collection of wigs, shoes, and costumes we will have a lot of different options to transform us into what or whomever we want to be.
I would love to tease you with my body till the image of my curves are burned into your mind and you are just about to go insane, only then, I will give you the sweet treats you were starving for all along.

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